Kid Ink Talks Girlfriend, Sexting, Marriage, Lil Durk Collabs, Hillary Clinton & More [INTERVIEW]

RCA recording artist, Kid Ink sat down with ACThePlug during his Full Speed tour stop in Chicago.

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Kid Ink revealed how the collaborations on his current album Full Speed came about – from new comer DeJ Loaf to the king of R&B R Kelly. In telling the story of his work with Dej Loaf, he discussed where he feels Dej’s career is heading as well as a warning he had for Dej Loaf and how she has recently been moving.

One collaboration in particular, “Hotel” featuring Chris Brown, raised some eye brows considering he does have a long-time girlfriend. The hook on the record states:

“I said why you over there lookin’ at me? / While I’m with my girlfriend / Why you over there lookin’ at me and my girlfriend? / Let’s take it to the hotel, let’s take it to the hotel”

AC asked how his long time girlfriend, Asiah Azante, felt and reacted to hearing the record for the first time:

“Umm, you know I think my girl thinks it’s more funny. It’s entertaining. I think coming where we come from in L.A. It’s kinda like not an out of character thing for some people. It’s really like something that was common just from growing up. I know a lot of girls you know growing up who I think were intrigued by other people’s relationships who just want to be a part of it… Its funny just relationship stories where you see people who are like, girls dealing with the same girl as the guy and no one even told each other…To each his own, you know what I am saying. Me and my girl aren’t doing too much crazy stuff.”

Kid Ink and the fitness guru and tattoo enthusiast Asiah Azante have been together before he found fame. Being that Ink is touring more frequently and the dynamic of his relationship is ever changing, AC asked how they keep it fresh. Side note, check out their sexy love story as told via Instagram photos in the gallery below!

Kid Ink and Girlfriend Asiah Azante’s Love Story As Told via Instagram [PHOTOS]

He revealed they are fans of sexting and even sending nudes, however on the contrary he is not a fan of FaceTime for a variety of stated reasons. The conversation went onto discuss their plans on getting married and having children. For the record they are practicing with their dog Roxxi and by the looks of the photo below, they are doing well.


Roxxi is obsessed with her dad 🐾

A photo posted by Asiah Azante 🌻 (@asiiah) on Jan 19, 2013 at 11:26am PST

Speaking of collaborations, the night before the interview, he and Chicago rapper, Lil Durk who is signed under Dej Jam, were in the studio recording. Kid Ink confirmed there are at least three collaborations in the works for both of their next projects.

RNS @real_lildurk … still up workin #FuckSleep

A photo posted by Kid Ink (@kidinkbatgang) on Apr 14, 2015 at 3:46am PDT

AC and Ink finished up the music talks with discussing his record “Like a Hott Boyy” which features Young Thug.

Rewind to the top of the year, when the feud between Young Thug and Lil Wanye started heating up. Interesting enough during this same time Lil Wayne took to twitter to give Kid Ink props on this same record. Ink and Weezy have had talks since then about collaborating and although they are mutually interested, nothing is concrete as of yet.

AC asked if he tried to reach out to Weezy or Thugger about the Carter 6/Barter 6 beef. While he discusses their issues he also stated what he would do if someone did that very thing to him.

Staying on the subject of politics, Kid Ink spoke about how he felt when he heard about Hillary Clinton announcing she is running for president as well as voting and how active he plans to be in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Check out this as well as his focuses on writing and producing for other acts, his latest placement with Fifth Harmony and more in the interview above!

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