How to use Facebook Messenger Rooms

Messenger Rooms allow you to create a private multi user video conference stream from the Messenger app or Facebook. In short this is Facebook’s reposes to the rising popularity in apps such as Zoom and HouseParty.

Zuckerberg announced ways to create rooms from Instagram Direct, WhatsApp and Portal are on the way as well.

Once fully launched, Rooms will be able to hold up to 50 people with no time limit.


• How to start a Facebook Messenger Room: Users can invite anyone to join the video call with a link even if they don’t have a Facebook account. To that point, once a user is invited to a room, they can join from their phone or computer without downloading an anything to get started.

• Users can start and share rooms on Facebook through News Feed, Groups and Events, so it’s easy for people to drop by. 

• If you have the Messenger app, you can play with AR effects like bunny ears, and new AI-powered features like immersive 360 backgrounds and mood lighting.

• When you create a room, you choose who can see and join it. 

• You can remove people from the call and lock a room if you don’t want anyone else to enter. Read more about the controls you have and how we built Rooms with privacy and security in mind.

Messenger Rooms is rolling out in some countries this week and will expand to the rest of the world in coming weeks.

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