Handles Are Coming To YouTube! Here’s What You Need To Know

What is a YouTube Handle?

A YouTube handle is a new way for people to find you and connect with you. Unlike channel names, handles are unique to each creator, making it easier for you to establish a distinct presence on YouTube.

Where will my YouTube handle appear?

Once it has been rolled out to all users, your handle will begin appearing in a few places across YouTube, including:

• The Shorts tab

• Search results

• Comments and mentions

In some places, YT will start showing your handle alongside your channel name, such as your channel page.

What is the difference between a YouTube handle vs a YouTube URL?

Your new handle will become a part of your channel URL. In most cases, your personalized URL will become your handle. You can use your handle to direct people to your channel when they’re not on YouTube.

EXAMPLE: If your handle is @ACThePlug, your channel URL will be: https://youtube.com/@actheplug

How will I know when I can choose my handle?

You’ll get a notification in YouTube Studio once you can choose a handle. YouTube is rolling out the launch of handles gradually to all channels over the next few weeks.

For most channels, if you already have a personalized YouTube URL, it will automatically become your handle. Whether you have a personalized URL or not, you can change your handle or select one once you’re notified.

What happens to my YouTube channel or account if I don’t select a handle?

Starting on November 14, 2022, if you haven’t yet selected a handle for your channel, YouTube will automatically assign you a handle, which you can change in YouTube Studio if you’d like.

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