Buy Black: Blackout Day 2020 Graphics For Use!

You’ve probably seen #BlackOutDay2020 popping up on social media, but you might be unsure what Blackout Day 2020 is, what day is Blackout Day 2020 or how to participate?

In response to social, political, and economic injustice to those in the Black Community, Blackout Day 2020 is a campaign taking place Tuesday, July 7th to encourage people to buy from Black owned businesses to show the power of the Black dollar. While created for and by Black people, allies are welcome to support!

The campaign hopes to create an international community of economic solidarity and national consciousness in America by challenging people to avoid in-store and online purchases, unless from a Black-owned business. 

Black Americans alone account for over 1 trillion dollars of spending in the economy annually.


  • Only spend money in person or online from a Black owned business on July 7th.
  • Share the movement to social. Graphics below.

Instagram or Facebook feed graphic:

Snapchat or Instagram/Facebook Story graphic:

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